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Remodeling!  We're making major updates to our store.  Now choose from 104 yarn colors, except lace and Alex which don't work so well in some colors.  103 color pictures are up in the SuperSock, Calder, and Rothko section.  We are still populating the rest.  Missing color photos are coming soon! Photos updated Feb 8. 

2014 Clubs are up!  They are all new this year, so take a look!

Fiber grab bags are here!  We have filled our bags with 4 ounces of random fiber and blends.  Roughly 8 pieces of fiber on 8 different colors, mostly solid colors.  Perfect for carding, felting, thrumming, or anything else you can think of.  Just $15!

Calder Special!  We got a deal on 10 oz skeins of our versatile Calder yarn so you get a deal!  It's SuperWash Merino, soft enough to wear next to your skin, perfect for gifts or children's garments.  It's available in any color until we run out.

We have gift cerificates!

Yak/Silk is here!  An intoxicating grey color, it can also be dyed in any of our more intense colorways. 50% yak 50% bombyx silk.

Thank you for visiting Abstract Fiber Online!  Brilliant color, knot-free skeins, soft fibers are the basis of our brand.  Everything is hand-dyed by us in our little studio in Portland, OR.  Check out finished projects in our gallery, and share your own on Ravelry in the Abstract Fiber group.

Most items are dyed to order.  In-stock products ship within 1 business day.  Otherwise we dye it up the day you order and send it out as soon as it’s dry.  Usually just a few more days.

Want to see the colors and feel the fibers in person?  Check out our list of stores for one near you.

We now carry the full line of Schacht spinning and weaving products. 

-Susan, Karen, Tracy