A mixture of brown and white Blue Faced Leicester fiber. The natural shading adds visual texture and variety to our colors. All colors appear a bit streaky and a little muted. 4 oz

75/25 Blue Faced Leicester/Silk A soft sheen and good durability make this a highly versatile fiber blend. 4 oz

Blue Faced Leicester
Blue Faced Leicester is a sheep that produces a very versatile fiber. A little coarser than merino, it is more durable for hard-wearing garments, yet many people can wear it next to their skin. BFL has a natural sheen. 4 oz hanks

Merino 19 micron
Superfine 19 micron merino is very soft for next to skin garments. Also perfect for felting or blending. 4 oz hanks.

Merino/SW Merino/Silk
40/40/20 Merino/SW Merino/Silk The perfect blend! Everyone likes to spin it, from beginners to experienced spinners. The three fibers take color differently, giving a magical depth of color to your project. This is feltable. 4 oz hanks

50% merino 50% Tencel Tencel is a man-made cellulose fiber from beech trees. Tencel appears white in the roving, then develops into an overall sheen and luscious softness. When felted this fiber develops shiny waves. 4 oz hanks

80/20 Organic Polwarth/Silk A little sparkle, a little soft, lots of crimp. Polwarth (a kind of sheep) is a little shinier and just a bit less soft than merino. Add silk and you've got a lovely blend. 4 oz

Silk/Merino 50/50
50/50 Bombyx Silk/Merino. One of our best-selling blends! Very smooth, soft, fine. Takes color beautifully. 4 oz

SuperWash BFL
Just like regular BFL to spin, this product is treated so it won't felt or shrink in the laundry. 4 oz

SuperWash Merino
Merino that has been treated to be put in the washer and dryer without felting or shrinking. Very soft, and a bit slick. Takes color especially brilliantly. 4 oz hanks

Targhee is a sheep breed from the US. Our fiber is raised and processed domestically. Not quite as soft as merino, Targhee is still next-to-skin soft for most people. It has tons of crimp, making it perfect for socks and sweaters. Fun to spin. 4 oz

Undyed Fiber
We offer all our fibers in their natural undyed state. Many have natural colors, most are ecru, slightly off white. 4 oz hanks

50/50 yak/merino A very soft, very fine fiber blend. A natural rich brown, the fiber color has a big influence on the colors. They are darker, more muted, rich. 4 oz

60/20/20 Merino/Yak/Silk Very fine fibers all, this blend is a natural light grey-brown color. The silk gives it a lovely sheen. Dyed colors are more muted and richer than on white fibers, but not as dark as yak/merino 50/50. 4 oz

Yak/Silk 50/50
50% yak / 50% bombyx silk 4 oz hanks. Very, very soft. Because of it's naturally grey color, our usual vibrant colors are beautifully transformed to deeper metallic hues.

50% baby camel 50% cultivated silk. 4 oz of super soft luxury. This is our softest fiber blend. The natural camel color adds itself to our dyes in unexpected ways. Pinks and oranges become a bit neon, blues and purples simply richer.


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Fiber Grab Bags Pulse - Fiber

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Four ounces of fiber in random fibers and blends. About 8 pieces in 8 colors in each bag. All fibers are feltable no mohair or angora. These are the same fibers we sell every day so they are all fairly fine. Perfect for felting blending carding.

Price:     $ 15.00
Pulse - a bright, beautiful rainbow in honor of Pride month and the tragedy in Orlando.

Price:     $ 27.00-$ 37.00