Merino/SW Merino/Silk
40/40/20 Merino/SW Merino/Silk The perfect blend! Everyone likes to spin it, from beginners to experienced spinners. The three fibers take color differently, giving a magical depth of color to your project. This is feltable. 4 oz hanks

Silk/Merino 50/50
50/50 Bombyx Silk/Merino. One of our best-selling blends! Very smooth, soft, fine. Takes color beautifully. 4 oz

Undyed Fiber
We offer all our fibers in their natural undyed state. Many have natural colors, most are ecru, slightly off white. 4 oz hanks

60/20/20 Merino/Yak/Silk Very fine fibers all, this blend is a natural light grey-brown color. The silk gives it a lovely sheen. Dyed colors are more muted and richer than on white fibers, but not as dark as yak/merino 50/50. 4 oz

Yak/Silk 50/50
50% yak / 50% bombyx silk 4 oz hanks. Very, very soft. Because of it's naturally grey color, our usual vibrant colors are beautifully transformed to deeper metallic hues.

50% baby camel 50% cultivated silk. 4 oz of super soft luxury. This is our softest fiber blend. The natural camel color adds itself to our dyes in unexpected ways. Pinks and oranges become a bit neon, blues and purples simply richer.

4 oz hanks of 100% Targhee, an American breed of sheep. Nearly as soft as merino, Targhee is suitable for next to skin garments for most people.

17 micron superfine organic merino. 4 oz braids