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Yarns  - We hate knots, so you shouldn't find them in our skeins.
100% pure SuperWash Merino fingering-weight yarn.  Lovely, round, 4-ply shows textures, and cables beautifully.  Versatile for socks, shawls, scarves, sweaters. 382 yds / 100g skein


80% SuperWash Merino 20% silk.  400 yards per 100g skein.  4 ply, very round, perfect for socks, or knit at a larger gauge for beautiful lace.  The structure of this yarn makes cables and textures pop!

10% Cashmere! 10% Nylon, 80% SuperWash Merino.  Soft, squishy, you can feel the cashmere.  Very versatile, it makes great lace shawls you just don't want to take off, lovely socks, gloves, anything you want next to your skin.

Alex aka MightySock

Alex is 50/50 SW Merino/Tencel. Tencel creates outstanding drape and shine for shawls and scarves, with softness for any next-to-skin garments.  This yarn can also be used for socks, but knit it tightly for better wear.  Cooler than pure wool, you can wear it more seasons. 382 yds /100 g skein. Alex is in a separate category because colors look so different on this yarn. The Tencel creates shine, but dims the colors.  Dark browns, purples, and reds are especially different.  Blues, pinks, oranges and all lighter colors look amazing.


80% merino / 20% silk 4400 yards per pound 1000 yds / 100g skein - no knots! This lace is fine, soft, and a little shiny. It has a clingy texture that will keep a shawl on your shoulders. Blocks beautifully.

70% alpaca / 30% silk laceweight.  Silky, soft, shiny, very warm.  Blocks beautifully.  Simply irresistible.   800 yds / 100g skein.


Alto is a sportweight 100% Blue Faced Leicester yarn. A bit of shine, just the right amount of twist for a wide variety of projects. This is a perfect lighter weight sweater yarn, knitting up into a squishy, slightly fuzzy fabric you can't keep your hands off of. Colors are amazingly beautiful on Alto.  392 yards / 4.25 oz skein.

Superwash Merino Sportweight. The perfect weight for sweaters, gifts, and baby projects.  Superwash, so it takes color brilliantly, and it won't shrink when you wash it.  Takes color brilliantly too! 310 yds / 100g skein.

85% Polwarth / 15% Silk Sportweight. Who doesn't want a little silk in their sweater?  How about a shawl?  This very versatile, squishy yarn is just fantastic.  300 yds / 100g skein.

Fiber - for spinning, felting, and anything else you wish.

Merino, Polwarth, Polwarth/Silk, Targhee - 
These three fibers are very similar.  They are next-to-skin soft and have a relatively short staple length.  Polwarth is a little shinier, and the silk blend has 15% silk in it.   Targhee is our only domestic fiber, from Montana, and has the most crimp.  It bounces.  Merino is simply the finest wool, a little softer than the others.

BFL and BFL/Silk -  Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) is shiny, soft, and very easy to spin.  Our silk blend contains 25% silk.  BFL has a longer staple length than merino, making it a little more durable, but it has less crimp, so it's not quite as bouncy.  BFL has more sheen than the finer wools, yet is soft enough for many people to wear it next to their skin.  A very versatile fiber.

Silk/Merino -  50% Bombyx Silk / 50% merino.  Very fine, very soft, very shiny.  All colors look better in Silk/Merino.  It's a bit magical.

Mixed Merino/Silk - 40% SuperWash Merino / 40% Merino / 20% silk.  A new introduction in 2012, this blend was created for cool color effects.  Each fiber takes dye differently, so even solids have incredible depth of color.  This blend also spins like a dream!  Balanced between the stickiness of merino, the slipperiness of superwash and the texture of silk, it is a fan favorite.

Luxury Fibers - Cashmere/Silk is a 50/50 blend with bombyx silk and brown cashmere, lending a light brown undertone.  The ulitimate in luxury and softness.  Optim is merino wool that has been stretched to be as fine as cashmere.  It's got sheen and drape, but has lost all it's crimp.  Optim will felt. It is tightly compressed from the factory, so we recommend pre-drafting to help the fibers flow smoothly.  SuperFine Merino is 15.5 micron merino wool.  Very, very, soft, with all the crimp of regular merino.  Luxuries come in 2 oz hanks.

Merino/Tencel-  50% Merino 50% Tencel.  Tencel is a very soft man-made rayon fiber, similar to bamboo.  It is made in an ecologically friendly, patented process, mainly from beech trees.  Because Tencel does not take dye the way wool does, you'll notice that colors look very different on Tencel blend fibers.  Reds are not recommended, but blues, greens, pinks, purples, and metallics look amazing.

Yak and Yak Blends-  Yak fiber is very, very fine and soft and very warm.  Our yak fiber is naturally brown.  Pure yak is a bit challenging to spin, but it does have a 1-2" staple length.  Yak/Merino is a 50/50 blend, versatile for most projects, and yak/merino/silk is a 40/40/20 blend, perfect for shawls and sweaters.  Pure yak is in 2 oz hanks, blends are in 4 oz hanks.

Alpaca /Silk-  Silver and Chocolate Alpaca/Silk are 70/30 blends with Tussah silk.  Black is blended with 20% bombyx silk.  We dye the Silver in any of our colors, Chocolate in a more limited range, and black in solid colors only.  These fibers are fun to spin and great for anything where you want the warmth, softness, shine and drape of Alpaca.

Abstract Fiber Details

Welcome to Abstract Fiber! Everything is hand-dyed by us in our little studio in Portland, Oregon.  Our fiber and yarn is hand painted with lightfast and washfast synthetic dyes.  Batches are small and each skein is unique.   We use only the highest quality materials and want you to be delighted with your purchase.  Want to mix and match?  Need a color, but in a different fiber?  Need a bigger quantity from one dyelot?  Contact us, we're glad to help!

Brilliant color, knot-free skeins, soft fibers are the basis of our brand.  Everything is hand-dyed by us in our little studio in Portland, OR.  Check out finished projects in our gallery, and share your own on Ravelry in the Abstract Fiber group.

Most items are dyed to order.  In-stock products ship within 1 business day.  Otherwise we dye it up the day you order and send it out as soon as it’s dry.  Usually just a few more days.

Want to see the colors and feel the fibers in person?  Check out our list of stores for one near you or stop by for a tour.

We now carry the full line of Schacht spinning and weaving products.

We have a Ravelry group and would love to see photos of anything you make with our yarn and fiber.  Our group is called Abstract Fiber.  Our Ravelry ID is AbstractFiber, feel free to friend us or send messages anytime! Our Facebook page is Abstract Fiber. 

Return Policy
Returns or exchanges can be made within 30 days of receipt of your product.  Give us a call to arrange for an exchange or refund.  Satisfied customers are our goal.   Return shipping costs are paid by the customer.

Susan owns the business and started all of this.   She spends most days in her studio painting fiber, designing new colors, and dealing with the business end of things.  She's the one you get when you call or email.

Karen is Susan's right hand woman, production dyer, purveyor of other people when we need help, and bringer of Mousse, her sweet chocolate lab.  Mousse comes to work with Karen most days.

Gail is the honorary VP of Sales.  She's a shameless saleswoman and excellent promoter of my brand.  Come by the booth at shows, and she'll suck you in with a friendly question meant to draw you into her web.

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