New Pricing for 2016

All our DK weight yarns, Calder, Alto, and Rothko are now 8 oz skeins at $44 each.  Perfect for sweaters, blankets, all those larger projects or sets of accessories.

Alex went up a buck to $28.

We haven't updated prices on our basic fibers in a very long time.  So everything that was $21 is now $22.  This includes BFL, Merino, Merino/Tencel.

BFL/Silk went down to $24.  That puts it at the same price as Polwarth/Silk and 8020 Merino/Silk.

Yak/Merino/Silk now costs us a little more than yak/Merino.  Darned that expensive silk!  So we bumped that price up to $34.  Still reasonable for such a fantastic fiber.